Sunday, June 29, 2008

TEAM/MonaVie Majors! - Phoenix, AZ

The Beautiful Mrs. Jasper and I just finished with an entire weekend at the TEAM/MonaVie Majors, held in lovely Phoenix, AZ (and by lovely, what I mean to say is HOT!!!).

Anyway, talk about drinking from the fire hose! We are running on information overload! We were able to hear from incredible leaders like Orrin & Laurie Woodward, Chris & Terry Brady, Chuck Goetschel, and many, many more! We also had a wonderful blessing when we were able to attend the Sunday morning worship service and heard Pastor Bob Dickie deliver a fantastic salvation message taken from John 3.

Jackie Lewis also introduced us to The Grape Lady! (hilarious... I've watched it 20 times!)

AND... as if that wasn't enough... yours truly had an opportunity to shake hands and talk with Mr. Dallin Larsen himself!!! - (I still haven't washed my hand... seriously... I haven't)

All that to say... we are SUPER FIRED-UP about what we learned and the challenges that are set before us. We know that with the incredible leadership principles that we've learned, the tremendous leadership system that we are plugged into, and the phenomenal leadership team that we are working with... we will get to our goals and dreams!

Now go out and get YOUR dreams!

God Bless,

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