Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yet again... the proof is in the pudding!

MonaVie proves, yet again, that the proof is in the pudding... er, uh... maybe I should say the proof is in the PAYCHECK! MonaVie distributors continue to see success and rewards far beyond that of any other MLM. It excites me to no end to see what is available to those willing to put in the effort to run an honest, successful business.

Here are some examples:

Dallin Larson (President and Founder of MonaVie) gave several examples of the success and the incredible benefits that are readily available to MonaVie distributors.

"In 2006, we took approximately 50 people to Costa Rica for our annual Diamond Destination. At our 2007 Diamond Destination in Hawaii, we had approximately 450 people enjoying the fruits of their labors, evidence of our incredible growth over the past 12 months.In addition to the Diamond Destination in Hawaii, we took our Black Diamonds to the Bahamas! And, in 2008, we’re taking our new Black Diamonds, along with our returning qualified Black Diamonds, on a Mediterranean Cruise. Are we having fun yet?"
"In 2007, we gave out 17 MonaVie Mercedes to our new Black Diamonds. That brings our total number of MonaVie Black Diamond Mercedes awarded to 32. And next year, we’d like to award more than we did in 2007; there’s no limit to the number of Mercedes we’re willing to give out as a show of our appreciation to our Black Diamond leaders."

Orrin Woodward (Chairman and Founder of TEAM and best selling author of Launching a Leadership Revolution) along his wife Laurie were recently promoted to the level of Presidential Black Diamond!

Orrin said:

"There were three new Presidential Black Diamond’s or above recognized in Orlando at MonaVie’s Super Regional. Brig and Lita Hart were recognized as new Crowns in MonaVie. Steve and Gina Merritt were recognized as new Imperials in MonaVie and Laurie and I were recognized as new Presidential Black Diamonds. The weekly incomes for these levels are just under $70,000 per week and this does not include bonuses from MonaVie!

I witnessed first hand Dallin giving a 1 million dollar bonus plus a new Lamborghini to Brig Hart! I witnessed Dallin giving a $600,000 bonus to Steve and Gina Merritt. Laurie and I received $400,000 in extra bonuses the same day - $100,000 for Royal Black Diamond and $300,000 for Presidential Black Diamond. MonaVie also rewards these levels with a minimum of $300,000 credit for jet miles. This is over $700,000 in compensation that MonaVie paid us in bonuses in one day! The bonuses alone (not including the generous weekly totals) that the Hart’s, Merritt’s, and we received were more than Laurie and I were ever paid in compensation from Amway
or Quixtar business for an entire year."

When you hear success stories like that and you see it happening for people all around you, its hard NOT to get FIRED UP!

MonaVie WORKS people!

  • The juice works!
  • The business works!
  • The compensation plan works!
  • and of course... the TEAM approach works!

... all we're missing is YOU!


God Bless,
Jason Jasper

"Get jacked up on the juice, go share the berries, and Git-R-Done!"
- Matt Curtis

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