Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nugget of the Night

Hello all! I just got back from our local "open meeting" (check the TEAM calendar and get plugged in to yours! - they are so important in building your business).

I wanted to share a great "nugget" that I picked up during the meeting. I figured I could title these sections "Nugget of the Night" and put whatever bits of info that can help us build our MonaVie businesses as well as encourage both of our readers to put their two cents in as well.

We had the opportunity to hear from Blake Smith, who gave a great talk on running through the 6-This.

For those of you not familiar with the process, 6-This is extremely basic and extremely simple:

1. Taste This
(crack open a bottle and share it with someone - ask if they have a couple glasses and give them a taste of the product. Don't be stingy and make sure that as they are trying it, you say "It tastes GREAT, doesn't it?")... ***a little note of caution here... don't ACTUALLY CRACK the bottle open... use the cap... works just fine.

2. Watch This
(inevitably they will ask "What is it?" - this is the opportunity to show them the Power of You DVD - ask them if they have a DVD player... if not, make sure you have your laptop/portable DVD player in the car)

3. Look at This
(show them the Income Disclosure Statement - this is a legal issue... we absolutely have to show this anytime we discuss the business side of this product. This is also a GREAT tool... it gets people VERY excited!)

4. Sign This
(Hand them an application and ask them to sign it)

5. Study This
(Hand them a first night pack and encourage them to read it... Blake pointed out that you should focus on one item in the pack... whether it is the Success Magazine, a CD, a brochure, whatever... as long as you don't just vaguely say "Study this." - this way they will pay attention to what you show them and they will actually read it... once they start, they won't want to stop! Their imagination will take over as they study and they will do a little dream building of their own! (o: )

6. Attend This
(Get them the info of the next open meeting or monthly seminar. Also, it is a good idea to follow up or even carpool with them. Once there, they will see the benefit of attending.)

He specifically touched on the space between #'s 3 and 4, and what we should say during that time if there are any objections to simply signing up. Often times they will have some objection to signing up (whether legitimate or not), and we have to make sure we address it without over talking and eventually talking them right out of it.

He said that someone one told him to focus on 3 specific areas and keep them there.
Those areas are:

1. Dream
2. Posture
3. Belief

Blake said to pick one and then bounce between the others only if necessary, but keep the topic on these three.

1. Dream - focus on their dream. Ask them questions like, "What would this income do for you?" "How would this change your life?" "What could you do if you made $ X?"

2. Posture - let them know that you will be in business with them... they are not alone and it is a TEAM effort - even go as far as to know how many people per week/month are being added to your team and tell them that if they wait, that many people will be in before him/her.

3. Belief - determine whether they believe in either the PRODUCT or the PROCESS... either they know that MonaVie is beneficial for their health and overall well being or they understand the business side of it and can see that it is a valuable tool... either way, take that belief and tie it to them attaining their dream.

Well, this was a little lengthy, but I hope it helps! I know it did me and I can't wait to put it into practice (tomorrow night).

Until next time - Go share the berries!

God Bless,
Jason Jasper

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