Sunday, March 21, 2010

Congratulations, Mr. President...

Mr. President,

Congratulations on your victory tonight, it seems that you were successful in passing the most Socialist government power-grab, to date. I am very interested to find out what kind of "change" you hope to accomplish next.

You claim to love and support this great country of ours but we see through the smoke. We know what you are doing and what you really are all about. Your true mission is very clear. There isn't a bone in your body that cares about anything in this country beyond what what you can SPEND and CONTROL! You are an absolute Marxist to the core. Congressman Joe Wilson (among many others) was right about you... you are a LIAR! ... come to think of it... hold on a moment, Mr. President........... there... I'm back... had to donate more money to Wilson's reelection fund.

Anyway, I am sure that tonight, as I write this, you celebrate... no doubt you may be attending an over priced (tax-payer funded) event, along with the rest of the talking heads and gas bags that make up your inner circle... but Mr. President, I would caution you that you shouldn't be too quick to celebrate, because a fact that you may not realize is that you and your cronies have also sealed your reelection fate. I know you said that this was something you hoped to accomplish during your first term as President... and it seems that you have, however, I am one of many, many TRUE Americans who is dedicated to making sure that it is your ONLY term as President!

Please feel free to contact me should you find any of this unclear... I understand completely that "Community Organizers" often times have trouble with common sense.

Jason Jasper

P.S. Just thought I would give you a heads-up... Joe The Plumber and I are thinking of running on a 2012 ticket.

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