Monday, February 5, 2018

I'm 85 and I want to go home!

Good evening readers!

One of my business partners just sent me a hilarious SuperBowl commercial about a not-so-funny truth. Most people fail to plan for their future (or even their present) and they end up hurting for funds later on.

While this commercial does a great job of pointing out the problem, in a humorous manner, the advertising company's only solution to the problem is for the viewer (those struggling financially) to open a trading account with their company. Then what?! Spend years of your life learning to read and trade the stock market, hoping to get it right in time to build enough funds to get you through retirement? Or do you put all your trust in the hands of the "experts" and allow them to play with your money, hoping they won't be swayed by the allure of fancy bonuses and commission structures that may not be in the best interest of your account?

What about current and future debts? What about unforeseen circumstances that may derail your best-laid plans? While trading accounts may be completely fine for some folks, they are not the answer for the vast majority of people who find themselves struggling with the day to day financial decisions required to prepare for the future. No, the real solution would be to get the education and tools you need to put your financial security where it belongs, in YOUR hands!

And just like any good football game, you'll need both OFFENSE and DEFENSE in your gameplan. That's why we suggest getting ahold of the Green Box and our Financial Fitness Services to go on defense and get your financial house in order. From there you can go on the offense and create a truly passive income by plugging into our Total Personal Development System and using the tools provided to build your LIFE business!

Anyway, it really is a clever and very entertaining commercial... and I seriously can't be the only one who wants to book DJ Nana for their next shindig?!