Tuesday, June 25, 2013

L.I.F.E. Testimony: Gordon & Janice Goetsch - Pastor, Professor, Entrepreneur

True faith is proven when God looks at our person and He sees the likeness of Jesus. When He breathes in our presence and smells the aroma of His Son. As a pastor, preaching professor, father of five and a respected community leader, under this examination I would have failed the test. There was a gaping disconnect between what I believed of myself and who I really was at the core. My thinking was broken and needed to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. I had preached and taught that so many times in my life, but never realized the extent to which my own thinking needed transformation. I needed the kind of thinking that could demolish my perceived normal life… that would leave no room for any pride or ambition and would cause me to faint at the realization of how desperately short of His Glory I have fallen. How deep His grace must reach to bring me back to into His abiding and glorifying presence. Then, divinely we were introduced to a couple from Dallas, Kirk and Nicole Porter, who had gotten involved in “something” they wanted our opinion about. It seemed so prosaic and pathetic at the time. They were so “inexperienced” and had certainly not paid the price to be so opinionated that they could teach me anything new. I had paid my dues…a Ph.D. in theology, hundreds of post-grad hours in multiple disciplines, decades of personal business experience. But, that night something went right. “Somehow” they got me to commit and started investing into our lives. Systematically, over time, the old stinking thinking was chipped away and replaced by the liberating truth that was missing from my life for so long. I began to see why I had never learned the secret of true freedom. Always so busy, yet so broke. So many sermons, yet so little substance. So much activity yet so few accomplishments. So much fellowship yet so few friends. Stops and starts that came close to divorce for the first 20 years of marriage... Over the next three years transformation came through continued support and accountability through Reading, Listening, Associating and Implementing what I had learned. I realized I could become someone who is loved and admired by my family and friends and that I could leave a legacy of influence that would make the world a better place. In one year of influence we have impacted more people for Christ and a better life than in 7 years pastoring a city church. I have learned the importance of being a husband and dad first and pastor teacher second. I have found that true friendship is a priceless gift to be guarded and nurtured without compromise. I am truly thankful to my friends Kirk and Nicole Porter for introducing Janice and me to this incredible group of world class, caring individuals, and for their support and encouragement on this journey to freedom. With LIFE, life will never be the same. PTL!

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