Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jasper Reunion Trip - Day 1

Here we are waking up for the second day of our Jasper Family Reunion Trip. We spent last night in Mesquite, NV at the Falcon Ridge Hotel.

Yesterday was quite interesting... "are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?".... amazing. I thought that was something that only happens in the movies... but no. Six hours in the truck with a five and two year old and magical things happen. :op

We finally decided to stop for lunch in Primm and found that they took the Bonnie & Clyde and Dutch Schultz cars out of Wiskey Pete's! :o( bummer! Something about cars riddled with bullet holes... enough to keep kids in line after a long car trip.

When we finally arrived at the Hoover Dam we were not able to do the dam tour, as they don't allow children under eight years old, but were able to make it on the dam power plant tour. We did however have a chance to park in the dam parking structure, buy some dam tickets, visit the dam Visitor Center, get a dam brochure, have a dam tour guide, watched a dam film... but we missed the dam gift shop! (it was closed).

Well, everyone is up now and we are going to head down for breakfast. We should be heading off within the hour.

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