Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nugget of the Night

Just got home from an our local open meeting and have some exciting news!

Are you sitting?... well, of course you are... I mean... how uncomfortable is it to surf the web while standing?! I mean I suppose you could do it with a laptop... but a desk top... forgetaboutit!

Anyway, I just found out some EXCITING news! We need to gather all the troops in for November's Seminar in Anaheim... because, get this... the keynote speaker is THE "O"!!!


(here's a good place to put his bio)

When Orrin and Laurie Woodward were contemplating what could be done with Team, they were looking for an opportunity that would instill strong leadership principles into people's lives. They were both so busy though – Orrin, as an engineer, with four patents and a national benchmark award in the automotive business, pursuing an MBA and Laurie working as an accountant – that they did not necessarily want to believe that this was what they were looking for. Laurie was not excited and Orrin was skeptical. After attending a major function, though, they each captured a bigger vision. Orrin and Laurie have drastically altered the quality of their lives since Team. By plugging into a training system, this engineer and accountant, with minimal people skills, has gone on to be one of the strongest leading couples in demand today. Due to their success in leadership development, they have been invited to speak on three continents – inspiring and teaching tens of thousands of people. Orrin and Laurie remain focused because they feel the responsibility of influencing people’s lives in a positive direction.

Pretty impressive huh?! Well, let's not miss this opportunity to hear from the great ones! Let's sit near the table and gather crumbs from those who have accomplished what we hope to accomplish. Let's give them a warm Southern California welcome! (minus the profanity)

God Bless,
Jason Jasper

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