Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've come to believe in Tim Tebow...

As many of my friends and family know so well, "Jason Jasper" and "sports" usually aren't found in the same sentence... let alone in the same paragraph. I mean, I could go on and on about my glory days in high school - best shape of my life and I was the one picked for the varsity baseball team to play the coveted position of left out! Sometimes in a pinch, I mean when the game was really "on the line" my coach would throw us the proverbial "curve-ball" and have me play center bench! :o)

Anyway, with all of lack of interest in sports (or my lack of actual talent... whatever) I find myself watching Tim Tebow. Not because of his wins (of which there are many) or his achievements (which continue to pile up), but because of his character. The world continues to try to pull this man down to their level and he continues to rise above it all.  Like the saying goes, "People of integrity expect to be believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right!"

Take the time to read this OUTSTANDING article by ESPN writer Rick Reilly:
“I've come to believe in Tim Tebow, but not for what he does on a football field, which is still three parts Dr. Jekyll and two parts Mr. Hyde.

No, I've come to believe in Tim Tebow for what he does off a football field, which is represent the best parts of us, the parts I want to be and so rarely am.

Who among us is this selfless?

Every week, Tebow picks out someone who is suffering, or who is dying, or who is injured. He flies these people and their families…” (click here to read more)

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