Friday, February 24, 2012

L.I.F.E. Testimony: Kristen Seidl - teacher/leadership

Prior to LIFE I really had no direction. I felt like my life was spinning out of my control and the only thing I could do was to find something I had complete control over so I wouldn't feel so lost. Unfortunately, the things I decided to control led me down a path of destruction physically. What changed everything was learning about the Faith (F). I was not raised in a Christian home and my family never went to church. I didn't even know the story of Christ until mid-college. I felt like everything I had done previous was more of an act not a love. The first book I ever read on Christianity was the Purpose Driven Life which I received in the LIFE system at a convention. I was enlightened by the information I learned. From that point on I discretely had a passion for learning more about faith. My eyes were opened like a child's when they are first born. I bought myself a bible for the first time ever and still didn't know how to read it but knew that if I just started slowly I might grasp some of the concepts. I made a decision to get on the AGO CD series about 2.5 years ago and the purity of the information was incredible. I started to learn biblical principles that not only taught me how I should truly live on earth, but how to love and serve God because of what Christ did for me rather than love and serve for my own personal gain. Because of what the LIFE system offered me in the faith category of the AGO series and the transformation in my own life by learning the good news and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, I was saved in August of 2010. I was finally able to give all control to my savior and allow Him to provide the direction I was looking for in my life. From that point I have been able to find a church that I love and can serve at, I have been able to share the love of Christ with teenagers who are lost like I was and I can offer the same information through the AGO series that led me to my faith. If it was not for the LIFE organization leading me to ultimate biblical truth through the faith category (because there was no where else I would have been led to it), I not only would be wandering aimlessly through LIFE, but my life might have been cut short. LIFE offered me a new chance at LIFE and for that I will never stop learning from the AGO CD and book series because learning about God's love for us is a lifelong journey.
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  1. nice!God bless u


  2. Thank you Anonymous :)
    God has certainly blessed us and we are hoping to be a blessing to many more through L.I.F.E.!