Thursday, March 1, 2012

L.I.F.E. Testimony: David & Dena Burch - Truck Company Owner

When my wife and I were first contacted about LIFE, we avoided our friends because we thought what they wanted to share with us was one of “those things”! I was the chairman of Deacons at a First Baptist Church and led a Bible study/life group at our home (through our church) on Sunday evenings. One particular Sunday in October we had finished and as I led the prayer for financial blessings on the group as each member was having issues including us. The very next morning our friends showed up at our door and before they could finish the presentation, we signed up! God really IS in the details! We cannot stress strongly enough how fantastic the information is on the CD's and in the system books. We had been raised by great parents and had lived on the earth for over 40 years. We owned and operated an international trucking company with gross sales of over 8 million dollars a year and never heard such fantastic truths. It was like a light came on. My wife and 3 sons had just returned from Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary in August and what I did not know was our marriage was in deep trouble. I can honestly say that the information in the CD's and books along with the association of a phenomenal TEAM and an honest assessment of where we were and where we wanted to be, has saved this marriage. God knew what I could not see and He brought us this community that we hold so dear! My heart hurts because I did not have this information when our children were young. We just did not know what we did not know! To help other people have a better life and along the way you get a better life as well, what is better than that? Today we have better relationships, better finances, stronger faith, much better health and we are having fun with some of the best friends we have made through this!
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