Sunday, March 4, 2012

L.I.F.E. Testimony: Robert and Tiffany Nava - Factory worker/Daycare provider

Hello there! We are Robert and Tiffany Nava. We are so excited about LIFE!!! When Robert and I started this journey, we thought our marriage was OK and we thought our parenting was good, but we knew our finances were not so good. When we started diving into the system man did it change our LIVES!!!! We started to see that the number one thing in our life that was lacking was the faith "F". We were so hungry for that in our lives, that was the first thing we changed. Being around a group of people who had that piece worked out was SO refreshing for us. Then we quickly realized some of the other eight "F"s we needed work in. So we are proud to say we are a product of this system for sure!!! Our Marriage is better. We actually communicate now. Our parenting has improved; things we were so blind to in the past have totally changed. We have knocked out so much debt because of the Financial piece that the LIFE system teaches itself. Its Amazing!!! Looking back on when our Journey started and where we are today is Priceless, as well as, what we have been able to do and change through the LIFE system. We have four children that we now home school and are changing and making a difference in our whole family. We are so excited about having purpose now in our life and are so ready to leave a legacy for generations to come! LIFE is for everyone. If it can take the life of an average family, a Factory Worker and a Daycare Provider with 4 kids and totally change our family for the better....It can yours too! 
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