Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mental Fitness Challenge - Day 1 (recap)

For those of you who have not yet heard about the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) it is a cutting-edge program developed by world-renowned leadership gurus and best-selling authors to teach success thinking that will help enable anyone and everyone to make improvements in their lives.

You can take the challenge yourself by clicking HERE! The full program is available for purchase or there is a FREE 7 day Pre-Challenge that you can do as well. Want to get the COMPLETE Mental-Fitness-Challenge for FREE?... of course you do! Click HERE to find out how!

We started off the challenge by taking the Self-Assessment Test which allows you to establish a baseline of where you are in each of the 13 LIFE changing categories that the MFC focuses on. It also provides you with a snapshot (or "Wheel of LIFE") of where you are when you start and then you are able to retake the test during and after the challenge to see how you progress.

(for your viewing pleasure, may I present my "Wheel of LIFE")
The snapshot quickly points out my strengths and my weaknesses and allows me to get a feel for areas that may need improvement. Notice my "Top 3" (strengths) are Attitude, Character, and Friendship, while my "Bottom 3" (weaknesses) are Finances, Conflict Resolution, and Adversity Quotient.

The MFC comes in 3 individual modules, each designed to last for a 30 day period within the 90 challenge. These modules are targeted at helping you achieve Personal Achievements, Public  Achievements , as well as Leadership Achievements.
The challenge comes at you from every angle. It takes advantage of the many ways our brains are able to absorb information - reading, watching, and listening. It is an absolute grey matter workout! And for one final embarrassing picture, I had the Beautiful Mrs. Jasper snap this picture of me after I had completed today's challenges. 

We hope this little bit of fun and information has at least encouraged you to press yourself to take a look at the Mental Fitness Challenge. Hopefully you were more than encouraged, but rather challenged yourself. Step out of your comfort zone, take the challenge, and prepare to live the LIFE you've always wanted!
God Bless, 
Jason Jasper

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