Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mental Fitness Challenge - Day 4

WOW! I have never before been so challenged to search out my God-given purpose in LIFE! While reading Chapter 1 of Orrin Woodward's book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, I was encouraged to discover my PURPOSE in LIFE. Using Jim Collin's illustration of a company's "Hedgehog Concept" (from his book Good to Great), Orrin pointed out that I could find my Purpose when I looked at where my Passion, my Potential, and my Profits intersect.
This may be completely different for every person, but for me, I found that my "Hedgehog Concept" looked like this:

  • PASSION - Helping those around me to become the best that they can be by teaching, mentoring, and leading those in need. 
  • POTENTIAL - Growing into the leader that God created me to be through the LIFE subscriptions, time with my mentor, as well as the continued study of the Scriptures and association with like-minded individuals in all these areas.
  • PROFITS - By enrolling as a LIFE Member, I am able to take advantage of a compensation plan that is second to none. I am also able to profit through a better marriage with my bride, as well as a better relationship with my children and my friends.
... and when I was able to draw these out I realized that where they intersected I could find my:
  • PURPOSE - To bring glory to my Creator by being a lover to my bride, a father to my children, and a servant to those around me by leading them to truth.
What is your PURPOSE? What are you passionate about? Where does your potential lie? And where can you make a profit doing what you love to do? Just as I was challenged in the first few days of our 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge, I would like to challenge YOU to find out for yourself! Leave a comment and tell me what your PURPOSE is!

God bless!
Jason Jasper

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