Monday, June 11, 2012

L.I.F.E. Testimony: Venkat & Lynda Varada - Executive Coach and Homemaker

"As an immigrant from India I came to America like a lot of immigrants, looking for a better opportunity. I followed all the rules, received an excellent education, climbed the corporate ladder, experienced the economic boom of Silicon Valley and from the outside I looked like an American success story. However, after one layoff and a sluggish job market, what I thought I had accrued quickly vanished. Both my wife and I knew we were meant to do more than just live the Silicon Valley lifestyle, chasing start-ups and looking for the next boom. We were hard workers and had applied ourselves for more than a dozen years trying to create residual income through different business opportunities. By a series of thin threads this quest eventually led us to the LIFE opportunity. As anyone who has ever endured a significant financial setback knows, this can take a huge toll on relationships and we were no exception. As the LIFE culture and system of mentorship and training unfolded we quickly realized we had found something special. We believe one major factor of our success is the mentorship we have received through LIFE. Overnight we had access to a depth of knowledge and a base of support that we had never encountered before in business. All we needed to do was apply the principles we were being taught by others who had fruit on the tree in all the areas of LIFE, and quickly we started to heal and to grow as a couple. My wife and I may have lost our marriage without the mentorship with LIFE leaders as well as the principles we learned through listening to LIFE materials like the Marriage Pack, the Finance Pack, the Culture Pack, Finding Your Purpose Pack as well as reading the extensive book recommendations. There is a deep peace growing in our lives since our journey began with LIFE. We see our financial base growing and solidifying. We see our marriage stronger than ever. We see our kids breaking through the limited thinking of their generation and we see a future for anyone that wants to grow and change and be a positive influence in this country and in the world. We see life beyond survival and just getting by. We see choices that time and money would never permitted us to entertain before. We see millions and millions of people benefiting in one way or another from LIFE."

You can read Venkat's personal testimony entitled, "From Hinduism to Christ" HERE.


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