Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello Readers!

We are rejoicing this week as the Lord answered our prayer for the salvation of our youngest, Alexia Jasper. She was going through her school work when she came across the question, "Have you asked Jesus into your heart?" She had to check the box "No" and then sat there for a minute thinking until she started to weep. Her mom overheard her, and was able to pull her aside from the other students. Alexia was concerned that she was not a part of God's family and didn't want to go to hell.

Because Alexia is enrolled in a Christian academy and we are blessed to attend a Bible believing/Bible teaching church, she knew that her only hope of eternal life with God was by accepting Jesus Christ's sacrifice for her salvation. After talking with her mom she felt much better knowing that she didn't have to go to hell but that the choice of accepting Christ was completely up to her. While going to the bathroom to wash her face she felt that she needed to make that decision right that moment and it was there that she prayed to receive Him into her heart.
Her face was beaming when she returned to the classroom and she was able to take her pencil, erase the "No" box on her work and proudly check the "Yes" box. If you look at the picture, closely, you can still see where she erased the check mark.

Praise be to our Lord who can erase the "checkmark" of sin on our hearts and permanently write our names in His book! (you won't get that in a public school!)    

Love to all!

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