Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jasper Reunion Trip - Day 3, 4, & 5

OK... finally back online... since we got to the campsite... NO RECEPTION. This means no cell phones and no internet! I am seriously going through withdrawals. I had to break down and pay for a 24 hour wireless internet pass at the campground.... sucks! I mean... if I am paying so much for a cabin... so much for food... so much for snacks, games, etc.... you think you could comp me $5 for internet?!?!?!
(sorry... I'm rambling)

Anyway, we finally arrived Thursday evening at Jelly Stone Park where the actual reunion is being held. We were only the third party to arrive, but everyone else pulled in within a couple hours. Once people started showing, the never ending hug train began! :o) I seriously love my family... most people always have that one person in the family that they can't stand... or that one crazy uncle.... well.... I have several crazy uncles... but everyone else is great! :o)

Seriously, it is times like this that I am dang proud to be a Jasper! It is wonderful to have a family that is so close and cares so much for everyone else. To top it all off, a family that loves the LORD Jesus Christ above all else... that is something extremely special!

This is the first time in the history of our family that Grandma Jasper ("Oma") is together with all 12 of her great-grandchildren. We also have two more on the way!

We were able to throw her a surprise, early birthday party and were even visited by Yogi Bear himself! Most of the kids enjoyed it... a couple of them were terrified. Something about a 7 foot tall grizzly wearing a neck tie that just freaks 2 year-olds out! All of the kids and Oma had a chance to take a picture with him before he had to run back to his cabin to look for more picnic baskets.

After the party was over, we tried to cram 41 people into a not so large living room to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Well, not all of us attended... there's just something about men wearing tights that gets to me... I mean... I still have nightmares about the family vacation to Las Vegas when we were forced to watch the trapeze act at Circus Circus.... not right! But all the sudden, you take the same feminine guy in the same tights... add a couple rings or a set of parallel bars.... and now he's an athlete! Not right. I told my wife... I don't care how good of shape I'm in or even how good I look.... if I EVER decide to wear even so much as bicycle shorts... you know how to use the .45!

(sorry... rambling again)

Anyway, we hope to have a church service with the family tomorrow morning and some lunch, then it is off to California! Wish us luck!

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