Monday, June 29, 2009

P90X - Day 8 - Core Synergistics (again)

Ok, we've gone through the week and are starting over... well... I didn't really go through the WHOLE week... I mean there were several excersizes that I just couldn't do and I was injured for a few workouts as well. But TIME-WISE it has been a week.

But I.... fslkdfa fsda...
(gross... I just sneezed on the screen... didn't get my hands up in time) *getting towel & wet naps*

Sorry... I'm back... don't know what just hit me.

Back to the workouts... P90X (if you are not familiar with it) repeats in week intervals for 3 weeks, then you go to a "Recovery Week" where the workouts are a little mixed up and not as difficult. They throw in an extra day of Yoga X and a Stretch day. After this it's back to the 3 butt kicking weeks. The idea is to repeat this 3 times (over 90 days) and then move up.

As I am writing this, the Beautiful Mrs. Jasper is in the other room, doing the work out... I am still under light duty... we'll see what the chiropractor says tomorrow.

Sorry about the whole sneeze thing... I didn't want to get any readers wet.

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