Tuesday, June 30, 2009

P90X - Day 9 (Cardio X)

Back at it... and when I say "Back at it" what I mean is that the Beautiful Mrs. Jasper is in the other room working out... and per Dr. Crack & Snap's orders, I am not.

Really bummed about it too... I finally get enough of a fire lit under my butt do do something... well... to do something about my butt... and I am on the injured list! Dr. Crack & Snap told me that I am going to require extensive treatments as well... 2 a week for a while, then 1 a week, 1 every other week, and eventually down to one a month. These would include routine adjustments, spinal decompression, and massage.

She did some adjusting today and then a ride on the spinal decompression machine... which is kind of a modern, humane version of "the Rack."

The difference was that instead of being tethered by my hands and feet, they put two straps around my upper and lower torso. These straps were attached to a funny looking table that separated in a few different parts when the machine pulled on me, thus allowing my spine to straighten and decompress. It was very relaxing (I even fell asleep for part of it... the lights being off and the sound of an ocean nearby didn't help). But when it was all through, I felt great. - "That'll be $ 40!... see you Friday!"

I am probably going to go in for a second opinion as this is getting costly.

As for those of you looking forward to a mind-numbing, day by day account of our P90X progress... I will probably have the Beautiful Mrs. Jasper update you every few days.

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